Opening the boundaries – Smirnoff

Smirnoff’s 2017 ‘We’re Open’ campaign has been one of, if not the most refreshing campaign I have seen all year. The campaign promotes diversity, resilience, race and togetherness as it aimed to remove every label possible which you could pin on a person and just focus on the good times.

The tag line ‘We’re Open’ plays on the idea of a bar/club being open as well as the ability to have an open mind about all the topics which the ads target.

The ‘Beats have no colour ad’ uses DJ Jeffrey Jewell who is an Albino with African roots but sees no colour within music. He uses his position to ignore the differences and focus of the similarities which unite people, which in his eyes is that everyone wants to dance. He says in the ad, ‘when people look at me, I just smile’ because he is staying open to everyone and every possibility which is why he perfectly suits the ad campaign.

Within this campaign Smirnoff have dared to speak about taboo subjects within marketing such as race, politics and sexuality which is brave but highly respected and raises the question as to why other companies aren’t following in Smirnoff’s footsteps. The campaign is uniting people all over the world in times of hardship, showing them that at the end of the day we’re all humans and we all just want to have a good time!


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