As I mentioned in my earlier post I was fortunate enough to be selected to go on my University’s Journey to the East programme last month and it was such an incredible and surreal experience.

Travelling is such a huge passion of mine so to be able to visit China was mind blowing. We were able to fully emerge ourselves into the Chinese culture as we had a great group of Chinese students helping us understand they way they do things.

Walking around the Chinese markets was one of the highlights for me because there was hundreds of tiny shops situated on long and narrow streets where you could buy anything from ice cream to squids to clothes!

Before going to Xiamen, when I thought of China I immediately thought of streets similar to New York; being packed full of bright lights and adverts everywhere. I don’t doubt that there are places like that in the more Western turned parts of China, however Xiamen showed little advertisements on the streets, the only ones which I noticed were bus stop posters.

Visiting all of the temples, markets, shopping centres and tea gardens showed me how different the UK is compared to China, not only in its commercial side but also its culture.

It’s definitely a place which I will be visiting again!


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