Super Bowl 2017 Commercials: A Brits Opinion

Well it’s that time of year again where American’s become engrossed in their most celebrated sporting event of the year – the Super Bowl. Parties are thrown, feasts are cooked and celebrity performances are criticised no matter how good they are. Meanwhile Brits are left watching the adverts and watching the performances because no matter how many times we will have the rules explained to us, effectively it is just a less brutal rugby match.

Costs for adverts this year start at $5 Million for one time airing, not taking into consideration production and marketing costs – therefore its essential that the commercial team get the advert spot on. However, this figure has been said to have decreased during the years since Chrysler created the most expensive Super Bowl ad back in 2011, amounting to $12.4 Million.

Following America’s modern day political disaster, a lot of its Super Bowl adverts feature a sense of togetherness. Some of the best examples which I saw were Bottlekeeper and Audi both having a gender equality message – Audi however taking a more serious approach in comparison to Bottlekeeper’s humorous contradicting commercial which actually lead to it being banned!

Airbnb and Budweiser both took an ethical stance on their adverts by implementing a political statement. Airbnb use a simplistic advert featuring people of many different cultural and ethical backgrounds coming together as one with the message #weaccept. Whereas Budweiser told the story of Adolphus Busch – the beer brands founder, who immigrated to the US from Germany in the mid-1800s. Featuring lines such as ‘go home’ and ‘you don’t look like you’re from around here’ – hitting back at the current migrant crisis in the US. However the advert ends with Busch befriending a local, we can only hope an ending as happy as this works out for our friends across the pond.

Despite all of the politics, we can always count on Melissa McCarthy to put a smile on the worlds face when she is put to the test in Kia’s advert where she becomes an ‘Eco Warrior’. If you’re in need of a laugh then I would definitely recommend watching it!



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